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My name is Brad Dyck, I am a Sound Designer living in Vancouver, BC. Most recently, I've been working at Electronic Arts Vancouver as an Audio Artist on FIFA where I implemented sounds for crowds, commentary, FUT packing opening, PA announcements and much more. 

From early on I was trained in classical piano and in my teens I gradually moved onto guitar as well, playing in local bands. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies, I moved out to Vancouver and attended the VFS Sound Design for Visual Media program. It was here that I developed a deep love for game audio and have since made that my career path. After three years as part of the Audio QA team on FIFA, I received my first opportunity as Audio Artist on Need for Speed before transitioning to the FIFA team for FIFA 17 and 18.

Being able to contribute to an audio experience that millions of people are able to hear has been a dream come true and I look forward to the next adventure!