Duello is my first SFX library released on A Sound Effect. Recorded in the Vancouver Public Library's studio, I was lucky enough to know a swordplay instructor who was willing to bring their various weapons down for my partner and I to record.



Here's a full list of the interviews I've had with people in the audio entertainment industry.


Gordon Durity - Executive Audio Director for Audioworks - EA

Rob Blake - Audio Director - Phoenix Labs/Bioware/EA

Saki Kaskaminidis - Audio Director - United Front Games

Jeff Macpherson - Audio Director - EA

Rob Bridgett - Audio Director - Eidos Montreal/Clockwork Fox Studios/Radical Entertainment



Danny Baranowsky - (Super Meat Boy, Binding of Isaac)

Magnus Birgersson (Mirror's Edge, Capsized)

Mike Morasky – Valve Composer (Portal 2, Left 4 Dead 2)

Rafael Dyll (Rainbow Moon, Söldner-X)

Rich Freeland (Disasterpeace) (Fez)

Darren Fung (Many, many films)

Here is a blog post about my travels in the Yucatan and some of the sounds I captured!


I've been passionate about playing and writing music my whole life. In the past I've scored short films and have contributed to music libraries for placement in various forms of media. Below is my latest official album release.


For fun: Top 10 Sounds in Rocket League Analysis